Birnam Book Festival 2024
We’re back!

Legends, Lore, Stories and Song
26-27 October 2024
at Birnam Arts

Join us to explore legends and lore with themes around the Scottish witch trials still resonating today. See how these play out among the shadows of Birnam Wood, where Macbeth’s characters dwelt. After the 400th anniversary of the publication of Shakespeare’s First Folio, marked in 2023, now we uncover the real stories of Macbeth’s Tayside locations.

Birnam Book Festival 2024 presents authors and storytellers, blended with music and creativity, and features Chris Brookmyre, Margaret Bennett, the Witches of Scotland podcast, Heal & Harrow, Ambrose Parry, Fiona Valpy, Jamie Jauncey, Kate Leiper, Morag Anderson, and many more. We are excited to present this feast for your imagination!

The Birnam Book Festival showcases literature from Scotland and beyond in our beautiful corner of Perthshire, nestled among hills and woodlands by the great River Tay. From William Shakespeare and John Ruskin to Beatrix Potter, this area features strongly in literary history, and also captivates contemporary authors, poets, songwriters, and artists.
Our book festival is an inclusive event for all ages, with workshops, lively discussions, inspiring authors, and great music. A warm welcome awaits you.

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