Child Protection Policy

For the purpose of this policy, PVG Scheme Records, PVG Scheme Record Updates, Standard and Enhanced disclosures will be referred to as Disclosure Records.

This policy applies to regulated work with children as defined in the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (Scotland) Act 2007.

Birnam Book Festival aims to ensure that all children are kept safe from harm while they are with staff or volunteers in this organisation. In order to achieve this we will ensure our staff and volunteers are carefully selected, screened, trained and supervised where they will work directly with children.

Selection for posts where the postholder will work directly with children

  • All applicants to our organisation will complete an application form
  • Short listed applicants will be asked to attend an interview
  • Short listed applicants will be asked to provide references and these will always be taken up prior to confirmation of an appointment.
  • The successful applicant will be asked to complete a self declaration form prior to the Disclosure Record being accessed.

The successful applicant will be asked to complete a Disclosure Record (relevant to the position applied for) prior to taking up the post.


The successful applicant will receive induction training, which will give an overview of the organisation to ensure they know its’ purpose, values, services and structure. Relevant training and support will be provided on an ongoing basis and will cover information about their role, and opportunities for practicing skills needed for work. Training on specific areas such as health and safety procedures, identifying and reporting abuse, and confidentiality will be given as a priority to new staff and volunteers and will be regularly reviewed.


All staff and volunteers will have a designated supervisor who will provide regular feedback and support. Every member of staff and volunteer will attend an annual review, where their performance, skills, motivation and expectations will be discussed. Annual reviews will be minuted and copies made available to the member of staff/volunteer.

Reporting Abuse

Birnam Book Festival understands that in addition to making a referral (a written report) to Disclosure Scotland, child protection issues concerning workers (paid/unpaid), children and young people must always be referred to the child protection agencies (ie social work and/or police) for appropriate investigation. Any issues of a criminal nature will be reported to the police.
Birnam Book Festival will ensure that all staff and volunteers involved in recruitment, training and supervision, are aware of this policy and have received appropriate training and support to ensure its full implementation.

Legal issues

It is an offence for an individual who is barred to undertake the type of regulated work from which they are barred.

It is an offence for an organisation to offer regulated work to someone who is barred or fail to remove a person from regulated work if they have been notified that they are barred.

It is an offence for an organisation not to refer an individual to Disclosure Scotland where the grounds have been met.