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Birnam Book Festival 2023

Legends, Lore, Stories and Song

Witches surround us in popular culture ~ black cats, hats and broomsticks ~ but in 16th century scotland there was nothing glamorous about being named “witch”. Join us at Birnam Arts for the Birnam Book Festival to explore legends and lore with themes around the Scottish witch trials still resonating today, and see how these play out among the shadows of Birnam Wood.

This year marks the 400th anniversary of the publication of Shakespeare’s first folio. What are the true connections between Macbeth and the Birnam Oak? With Chris Brookmyre, Morag Anderson, Margaret Bennett, Witches of Scotland podcast, Heal & Harrow, Ambrose Parry, Kate Leiper, Jamie Jauncey and more, the Birnam Book Festival is a feast for the imagination.

Birnam Book Festival 2023
Birnam Book Festival - Poet in Residence
Poet in Residence: Morag Anderson
Birnam Book Festival - Poet in Residence - Morag Anderson
Witches of Perthshire
Tintype portraits by James Millar and Heather Tyrrell
of The Tintype Studio
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