Molly Arbuthnott: David The Pizzly Bear

Children & Family
Date: Saturday 21st May
Time: 11.30am-12.30pm
Venue: Dance Studio
Cost: Free + £1 booking fee


David has always been a bit different. His friends and family are brown grizzly bears, but he is whitish. He, in fact, is a pizzly bear!

One day, he and his friend Daniel, find themselves in a situation slightly above their furry heads.

With ice melting around them, they are stranded a long way from home. It will take every ounce of courage, fortitude and bravery to keep going, and make the light of tomorrow brighter than today.

Molly Arbuthnott had been a teacher for seven years before turning to writing. Her ambition was always to read a piece of her own work in her class, and she is now completing a Master’s Degree in Children’s literature at Glasgow University. Molly lives in Dunkeld.

This event is for children and families.

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Molly Arbuthnott
Molly Arbuthnott