Tintype portraits by James Millar and Heather Tyrrell of The Tintype Studio

If we had lived 400 years ago, any of us could have been among the 3,000 people executed for witchcraft in Scotland. If we were single, or a widow, or too old to bear children. If we had skills in midwifery or herbalism in competition with professional physicians. If we had a big mouth, or were a troublemaker. Owned a plot of land that one of our neighbours wanted. Or looked at the Witch-Finder General the wrong way.

Perthshire women – and men – put on the black cape and imagine themselves as witches. They are captured in silver by a Victorian camera in a series of “tintype” portraits, taken by photographer James Millar at a pop-up studio in Handam Refill Shop, Aberfeldy, from 11-15 September 2023.

Tintype Studio are creating the interactive installation, ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’ for Birnam Book Festival 2023.