BBF Writer in Residence
Birnam Book Festival presents:

Linda Cracknell,
Writer in Residence 2020

Write a short story with Linda Cracknell

A short story is a small self-contained project to take pride in. A tightly concentrated form, it offers exciting scope for experiment, delighting in language, and capturing moments of insight or transition.

Beginning 10th June, our Writer in Residence four week online course will enhance understanding of the form through reading and group discussion, and lead you through stages to the completion of a short story with exercises, guidance and editorial support.

The course costs £25 and will be hosted via Zoom across four Wednesday evening sessions. Participants must have access to an internet connection, and a computer or device with integral camera and microphone. To enquire, register and arrange payment, please send your email of interest to:

About our Writer in Residence

Linda Cracknell writes fiction, non-fiction and drama. She teaches creative writing in various settings, often integrating walking and outdoor exploration with her teaching, and hosting a regular workshop in the Moroccan Sahara. Landscape, sense of place, and travel are key themes in her work. She has written about walking and memory in Doubling Back, a BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week. In Call of the Undertow, Linda explored a dramatic shoreline fictionally, and she traversed glaciers in her new novel The Tumblers. Linda is currently writing about ships, shore and sea.

Linda Cracknell